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Breaking up with Toxicty

Toxicity is a relationship that is unhealthy and dysfunctional.  Additionally, a relationship makes a person feel demeaned, unsupported, and/or attacked. Toxicity can exist in one or both people when reacting in damaging ways without consideration or respect for the other person’s feelings. These behaviors can be harmful to one or both people.

In this book, you will learn...

  • What are toxic relationships

  • Recognize patterns of toxicity

  • Recognize love addiction

  • Learn what the attraction is about


Being able to spot harmful behaviors is the first step towards learning to minimize their impact. Learning about toxic people may not change what the other person does, but you will change how you work through it and not allow it to affect your quality of life.

Additionally, you will also learn...


What is your attachment style

What are your unhealthy behaviors

Creating healthy boundaries

Communication styles

In the END you will

Build confidence

Prioritize your mental health

Rebuild yourself

Attract and retain healthy relationships

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