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“The Only Impossible Journey is the One You Never Begin.”


Meet Maria


Maria is a Licensed mental health therapist specializing in generalized anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD, various other disorders, and personality disorders. She is a certified personality disorder therapist.  Maria has years of experience in private practice in Pleasantville, NY. Maria believes in the potential of each person to successfully meet life's challenges when the time is right and find the right person. Therapy is a healthy way to gain skills to better your life and cope with struggles. The answers start within, and she can help you navigate change in your life positively and healthily whether you are seeking individual, couple, or family therapy; her approach is one of respect, empathy, and attention to your life story. Many of her clients struggle with anxiety, ADHD, anger issues, personality disorders, communication issues, family conflict, relationship challenges, and life transitions.

Additionally, Maria works with individuals who have been and are presently in toxic relationships. These relationships can be with spouses, parents, siblings, family members, and friends.  Maria believes healthy relationships, and the most important is the relationship you have with yourself, are essential in navigating unhealthy patterns and breaking unhealthy cycles. 

Breaking up with Toxicity

Healthy relationships, including the relationship with yourself,  are essential in life, and at times, that doesn't happen. Each person's story and experience are unique. Over the years, I have discovered the impact and etiology of toxic personality styles on intimate relationships, family relationships, friendships, and workplace relationships. Learning about toxic people may not change what they do, but you will change how you work through it and not allow it to affect your quality of life. 


Maria will share insights and tools on why we attract toxic partners, how to differentiate between unhealthy and healthier partners, attachment styles, communication, thought patterns, and boundaries so you can rebuild yourself to attract and retain healthy relationships. 


Life Changing

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In each workshop, Maria will untangle addictive behaviors and how you can achieve a change in the way you approach relationships. 

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